Carers Group

SAND CYMRU Carers Group

The "carers group" is a separate service for those affected by someone else’s substance misuse.

The group meets every Thursday evening between 6.30 -9pm at the project, via the entrance on Verandah Street. The group offer anonymous support sessions and a chance to meet others who have been in the same situation, past or present. The purpose of the group is to offer information on different drugs and their effects and to inform significant others of what services are available in Swansea, and how to access them. Furthermore, it is a chance to off load about the stresses and strains in their life at present and suggestions on how to deal with different situations in a non judgemental atmosphere.

More recently the group facilitators have been offering sessions on Community Reinforcement and Family Training “CRAFT”. CRAFT is a program that is based on behavioural principles and cognitive-behavioural techniques. CRAFT was designed so that facilitators could teach family members relevant skills, such as:

how to reward sober behaviour and discourage drinking or drug use,to communicate in a positive manner,to employ problem-solving techniques as needed,to take care of their own needs,to effectively suggest treatment to the substance misuser.

Throughout this process, potential domestic violence issues are discussed and considered.

We also work in conjunction with Swansea Carers Centre, and our carers are also able to tap into their resources and group activities including sessions on:

  • Managing Anger
  • Mindfulness
  • Emergency First Aid
  • Confidence workshops
  • Stress control
  • Health and wellbeing workshops

As many people find group settings a little intimidating at first, one to one appointments can be arranged during the day to explain a little more about the group. Alternatively we can meet you just before the group so you get a chance to chat with the facilitators prior to the group starting.

We are also proactive in organising various days/nights out. We have attended Welsh Assembly Government consultation sessions to put forward views and ideas on how services could be improved for people who misuse substances and their significant others. Trips to Cardiff to see shows and meals out have also been organised at the request of the group, as social activities were reported as lost by many prior to attending the group. In addition, complimentary therapy sessions are regularly offered free of charge for a more holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

If you need any further information please contact Sian Bengeyfield on 01792 472002.