Family & young persons team

Family Work

SANDS CYMRU has long recognised the risk of harm and neglect to children as a result of parental misuse of drugs or alcohol. It has been at the fore front in Wales in developing services that meet the needs of parents and in recognising the potential impact of parental misuse.

Where we work with families

  • Office base                                                        
  • Home visits
  • Family centres
  • Partner agencies buildings

Partnership Work

  • SANDS CYMRU recognises that it is essential that agencies work in partnership to ensure the safeguarding of children and is committed to work alongside other agencies to reduce the negative effects that substance misuse can have on parental ability.
  • Agencies with which we work include: Social Services, Health Professionals, Community Based Services, Substance Misuse Agencies, Housing, GP’s, Ante natal and other appropriate services that work with families.

Interventions Provided


(Hidden Harm Report 2003)

  • Family Assessment: An assessment of parental capacity and how their substance misuse is or could impact on their ability to safeguard and meet the needs of their children.
  • Care Management
  • One to One Counselling and Support: Goal setting to help parents abstain stabilises or reduce their drug or alcohol misuse.
  • Antenatal is a multiagency support service which includes specialist obstetrician, specialist substance misuse midwife, Community psychiatric nurse from CDAT and a midwife from the delivery ward. Pregnant women are prioritized into drug treatment and will be offered specialist input up to delivery and beyond if needed.                               
  • Parenting Group we offer promoting positive parenting group to look at the basic needs of children and identify parenting skills to ensure parenting capacity where there are children affected by parental substance misuse. Confidence building, healthy living, parenting skills, handling children’s behaviour, routines  and basic needs of children.                  
  • Women & Men’s Open Access These are sessions to provide a separate service to respond to the individual needs of both female and male services users of the project being able to e ensure issues can be discussed in a safe environment e.g. domestic abuse, sexual health etc  

Strengthening Families 10-14 (UK)

A 7 week evidence-based programme to help families with young people aged between 10 and 14 to prepare for teenage years. The programme is aimed at reducing alcohol and drug use, behavioural problems in adolescence and strengthening the parent/carer child relationship. This programme is a universal service.

  • develop the skills to help your child to have a good experience of their teenage years
  • help your child’s transition from primary into secondary school
  • help your child build the skills to avoid problems with drugs and alcohol
  • get some new ideas on how to talk to your children so they listen?
  • improve your relationship with your child?
  • increase your confidence in setting boundaries
  • build confidence in your child
  • help your child set goals for their future and support goal achievement
  • Practical Support.  Support families with housing, benefits, advocacy at meetings, getting to meetings, support in accessing community based services etc
  • Training and Consultancy Attend other agencies where families attend and offer sessions on substance misuse, safety and substances in the home, blood borne viruses, alcohol.  This can be based on the particular needs of the group. Training for professionals on substance misuse and parental substance misuse, presentations, development of Safeguarding and substance misuse training in Swansea.