Since its introduction by the Welsh Government in 2009 SANDS CYMRU has been at the forefront of promoting naloxone as a way of reducing drugs related deaths in the city. This work is a priority for the Project and is something which will continue to be at the heart of the work it does.

"Giving out naloxone to drug users  is by far the most important development in trying to reduce the numbers of drug related deaths. In Swansea, over the years we have seen the deaths of so many users who could well have been saved if naloxone had been available. Getting a naloxone kit could not be easier – just call into the Project and speak with a member of staff"

Ifor Glyn
Chief Executive SANDS CYMRU

Naloxone is a Heroin ‘Antidote’

  • An ‘antidote to heroin’
  • Temporarily reverses the effects of an opiate overdose
  • It is short acting – wears off quickly
  • Overdose can last for 8 hours or more (especially with methadone)
  • Naloxone can begin to wear off after 20 mins
  • No effect on overdoses resulting from the use of other drugs
  • No potential for abuse
  • Naloxone precipitates WITHDRAWAL – the individual may want to use again straight away or become aggressive
  • Monitoring required after initial administration

How Naloxone Can Help

  • Reduce morbidity and mortality associated with drug use
  • Promote harm reduction by disseminating appropriate equipment and information
  • Improve health and social care for drug users and their carers
  • Enhance service provision for service users
  • Provide consistent communication about the acute risks of drugs