14 Jul 2014 Drugs claim lives in Swansea every day

THE shocking death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman is a scenario which happens in Swansea every day.

Ifor Glyn, chief executive of Sands Cymru, said the tragedy that had rocked Hollywood was one that blighted the every day lives of families closer to home.

A host of celebrities from Brad Pitt to George Clooney have paid tribute to the Hunger Games star, who was aged 46.

Philip was discovered dead at his New York home, where a police spokesman said investigators uncovered two small plastic bags and a substance suspected to be heroin.

Mr Glyn said: "When someone has been in rehab and comes off a drug and if they go back to re-use the risks are a lot higher.

"They automatically think they can use the amount they used to use but the risk of overdose is a lot greater.

"If he had been off drugs for a bit and was playing around recently, there is a chance that he was taking more than he intended to.

"Mixing heroin with depressive drugs like alcohol and Temazepam, the risk of overdose would be greater."

He added: "It does happen on a daily basis in places like Swansea and gets half the amount of publicity and causes a lot of pain to the families around them.

"Philip's death hopefully makes people aware of the consequences of drug taking.

"There are so many families in Swansea who have lost people due to drug taking."

Mr Glyn said the organisation is aware that people across the board used drugs.

"For example, we are talking about a lot of people across the medical profession are doing drugs, across the social classes and ages from 14 to 70," he said.

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