Tenancy Support


In 2002, the Welsh Assembly Government distributed resources to provide support to council tenants with special needs - such as substance misuse related issues - to help avoid the cycle of eviction and homelessness that such vulnerable people faced.

Since this time, SANDS Cymru has been successfully contracted to provide intensive support to substance users within their own homes, to help them maintain a tenancy, and therefore avoid eviction and potential homelessness


  • To enable tenants to feel safe and secure in their home and within the community.
  • To enable tenants to have opportunities to extend their skills, interest and friendships.
  • To enable tenants to feel more able and better equipped to manage a home and live in a community as a result of receiving support.
  • To enable tenants to access the project and have their needs assessed and met in a planned way through direct and in-direct support.
  • To promote service user’s participation in the project, through the availability of regular consultation and involvement.
  • For tenants to feel supported by staff who have been appointed, recruited, trained and supported.


The Tenancy Support Project provides home, project and outreach support, dependant on individual assessment of need. This support is backed up with a range of specialist services based within SANDS Cymru premises, including hepatitis C support, parenting groups, alternative therapies, educational and vocational activities, access to substitute prescribing – that ensures our vulnerable clients have access to a holistic service.

In addition the Tenancy Support Team act as a bridge between SANDS Cymru and other local service providers to help individuals address their multiple often complex needs.

  • Specialist assessment of drug use and housing, including fire risk assessment.
  • Practical help in establishing a home.
  • Specialist help to stabilise and/or reduce and/or eliminate dangerous substance use.
  • Links and Liaison with a broad range of Swansea community facilities.
  • Mediation – especially neighbourhood dispute etc.
  • Encouragement to develop leisure interest, attend activities, education tasters
  • Advocacy, including developing a stronger voice for service users.
  • Budgeting, debt management, and household maintenance.
  • Support and Counselling, re-establishing relationships, family bonds etc.’
  • Ongoing monitoring of substance use.
  • Joint work with medical specialists – Hospitals, GPs, consultants in substance misuse etc.
  • Dealing with intoxication, support for crisis of overdose and withdrawal.
  • Dealing with planned home or inpatient detoxification.
  • Provision of advice on Substance misuse issues, including legal and housing.
  • Substance misuse impact on partners, families and friendships.
  • Relapse prevention (both for abstinent and non-abstinent users)
  • Advice and counselling on sexual and physical abuse, parental loss, etc.
  • Use of special services (‘Return to Work’ ‘LINKS’ ‘parenting group’ etc).’
  • Domestic Violence Support
  • Social Inclusion Activities.
  • Benefit Assessment and maximisation.
  • Support to access Learning Based activities / volunteering or return to work.
  • Support with transfers and relocation.


If you feel that you or anyone you know could benefit from this service - referrals can be made directly to the Tenancy Support Unit in Clase Tel: 01792 774360


Call into SANDS Cymru Drop - In and ask a member of staff to complete an application form on your behalf.