The Service

A comprehensive range of service provision and interventions for children and young people with varying degrees of substance use.

This can include basic education, advice and information for experimental and recreational users, to more targeted and specialist education / advice / information, as well as comprehensive assessments and treatment interventions for those children and young people who misuse substances, including those who are highly vulnerable and high-risk substance misusers.

  • A free rapid, flexible, confidential and separate service for children and young people.
  • A confidential telephone helpline.
  • An assessment of the young person's capacities, competence and development.
  • An assessment of the young person's substance use, including alcohol, prescribed drugs and volatile substances.
  • An assessment of the context, for example: views of the young person, demographics, social situation, health, and any child protection concerns, etc.
  • An assessment of the responses required, including; prescribing, individual/family work, support services, multi-agency working.
  • There will be agreed care plans and ongoing reviews of those plans.
  • Comprehensive needle exchange service.
  • Advice and information on safer sex.
  • Specialist advice on Hep C and HIV.
  • Specialist advice on pregnancy and drug use.
  • Homeopathy/acupuncture clinic.
  • An assessment of practical support needs including "hands-on" practical help with completing forms, e.g. Employment / Housing Benefits, Community Care Grants, Budgeting Loans etc. We can also advocate on the young person’s behalf at BAMS Medical interviews, Social Fund Reviews, Housing issues, etc.
  • Diversionary activities – Kayaking, arts and many more
  • Mediation for family and friends
  • Advocacy
  • Support to services providing substance misuse prevention/education – for consultation and advice on key elements of delivery.
  • Peer mentoring/support
  • Joint/partnership working
  • Training to professionals – adolescent substance misuse and local/national trends

Where do we work from?

  • Office base
  • Home visits
  • Family centres
  • Partner agencies buildings
  • Youth Clubs
  • Schools, colleges
  • Outreach settings
  • Events i.e concerts, gigs etc.